Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My first beer review

I'm a newbie when it comes to giving reviews of beer, and I'm a huge fan of matching beer with food so see what you think of this honest but hopefully informative review...

I thought I'd share my opinion on this ale as its a really scrummy warming one for autumn which leaves you satisfied but doesn't sit too heavy.

Goliath, Wychwood brewery (500ml bottle only)

ABV: 4.2%
Colour: Ruby
Food pairing: I recon something gamey or rich like a good piece of lamb, duck, or venison. Alternatively something more standard like a beef stew.

The aroma is predominantly of fairly sweet, light malt tones with no strong hop aroma.

This beer has a satisfying mouth feel; it's full bodied but easy drinking with light carbonation on the tongue. The description claims that this beer is a thirst quencher, leading me to expect a lighter beer, but I think the feel matches taste well.

Autumnal notes power through on tasting, with a hit of dark berry fruit. A light bitterness is paired with this fruit to start, but both flavour notes mellows out to leave gentle undertones of hop bitterness balanced with malt.

The aftertaste is a little dry but not astringent as the bitterness doesn't linger.

The combination of fruits, malt and texture work well, particularly as there is no over powering hop bitterness. This ale is a brilliant autumnal drink which leaves you with a cosy feeling of satiety, however I'm not sure how much of this 'thirst quencher' I could drink on a hot summers day.


  1. You know, I haven't had a bottle of Goliath for absolutely ages. I tend to stick to Hobgoblin from the Wychwood range (you know where you are with a Hobgoblin). Sounds like I might have to give that one another go...

    And hey, if that's your first attempt at a beer review, I reckon you're a natural :)

  2. I do like a good Hobgoblin, but I'd definitely revisit Goliath. Thanks for the compliment, I enjoyed reviewing it so look out for more coming very soon!

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