Thursday, 30 December 2010

Chimay Blue. Enough said.

Decaf tea and my piggy PJs. Exactly whats required after a lovely evening at the Blake with my housemate, Grant. And our dog, Jack. Who had wind due to excessive egg consumption (thus reducing the loveliness).

Fortunately, The Blake, which is now our 'local' is a wonderful pub with a brilliant atmosphere and a fairly decent selection of real ales. First I had a beautiful pale, hoppy ale from the Pictish Brewing Co. - it's not on their website and can't remember the name, sorry :0(

But then....

I saw Chimay Blue. Calling to me from the chiller.

I love this beer. I'm a real ale drinker, strong to my British roots through and through. But this is the most fantastic Christmas-New-Year-Limbo drink that is possible. OK, at 9%, it is a good one to get you in a celebratory mood, but the intense flavour combination cannot be dismissed, and it deserves full attention and appreciation.

Here goes...

Beer:Chimay Blue, Trappist beer (330ml)
Colour: Black
Food Pairing: This is too complex to be paired with food - it is a sublime beer to indulge in and marvel at.

This exquisite beer has a full bodied, creamy mouth feel which instantly fills it's consumer with a feeling of comforting satiety. A beer which seems to teeter on the very verge of darkness, fills your senses with a plethora of diverse and powerful flavours.

The nose of this beautifully crafted beer is of pineapples and bananas - a strong, tropical combination which draws you instantly away from the blackness of the beer. There is also a hint of a floral note to watch out for beneath these strong and overriding esters.

The taste of Chimay blue is rich and full, of raisins and dark fruits, quickly followed by a caramel biscuit flavour. These more malty characteristics develop through the fruits, and gradually mellow through to a fading bitter finish.

The high ABV not only ensures a thoroughly pleasurable evening, but also leaves a very mild warming sensation at the back of the drinkers throat. Perfect on a chilly evening.

In fact, just perfect.

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